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The following Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQs), have been listed here to help users of the website find the answers to common questions that we are repeatedly asked. If you should have an idea for a FAQ, please send an email to: Webmaster

Why does FAAAS hate people with Asperger’s Syndrome?

In short, we don’t. FAAAS was created to serve the following three purposes:

1. To offer support to the family members of adult individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome. We are an organization that was created and geared towards supporting the NT person in an AS-NT relationship. Any relationship, be it NT-NT, AS-NT, or AS-AS will have stresses, problems and issues living their day-to-day lives as a couple. That’s just the nature of ANY relationship. Until FAAAS existed, there wasn’t any form of community where NTs, who were in similar AS-NT relationships, could discuss their issues and offer each other support. There are, and have been, many support groups for those with Asperger’s Syndrome. We are just trying to be a support group for the other half of the relationship.

FAAAS does not give marital advice, nor are we out to separate couples and divide families.

We do NOT recommend a course of action in any NT/AS relationship either for staying together or for separating. That is a decision that the members of the relationship, with or without (preferably with) a professional mediator, must make for themselves as a couple. Every relationship and every situation is different!

2. To educate the medical, psychological, and neurological communities as well as the general public to the existence of Asperger’s Syndrome in Adults and how it may affect those around the individual with AS.

3. To promote the need for services and support for adults with Asperger’s Syndrome. For years, there had been neither recognition nor support for Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome. There had been support for children with AS and Autism for years, but as soon as those children reached adulthood, most of them and their families were told that they were on their own. FAAAS was the first organization of its kind to try to change that. We have always tried to spread the word about the existence of AS in adults and the importance for giving them some form of official support from the state and federal government. One of FAAAS’ major projects was to introduce Massachusetts House Bill, No. 2208 which would have directed the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to develop a public education program about Asperger’s Syndrome in Adults. In the years since FAAAS was founded, and with the help of many other grass root organizations which have thankfully emerged since then, Asperger’s Syndrome in adults is now discussed nationally and internationally in the news and even in pop media. That alone has been a great success for all of us.

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What is the bulletin board and how do I join?

The FAAAS, Inc. Bulletin Board is a set of online forums intended for the discussion and sharing of information regarding Asperger’s Syndrome. This board is intended to deal specifically with the issues of the family members, friends, and loved ones of the affected person.

Please note that this is not a bulletin board for Asperger’s individuals themselves. This is also not a board for other types of neurological or behavioral disorders unless they relate to or have a bearing on the Asperger’s Syndrome disorder itself.

For more information, click Here.

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My subscription to the Bulletin Board has been activated, but I can’t log in. What’s wrong?

There are several things to try:

1. It is possible that you are using an older version of your web browser If so, you might want to update it to the newest version.

2. In the browser settings, be sure that javascript is enabled, and that session cookies are allowed for the faaas website: “”

3. Be sure that you are using the correct username and that you are using the correct case on each letter when you enter them. (Ex: “Username” does not equal “username”)

4. Go through the lost password link under the login box to be sure that your password is correct and that you are entering the correct case for each letter.

5. Try to download another web browser and attempt to login through that. We recommend Firefox, which can be found Here.

If none of these solutions help, then please send an email containing the following information to: Webmaster

a. Operating system and version, for example, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.

b. Browser and version. Go to the help menu in your web browser and click on “About” to get this information.

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How do I change my bulletin board username or password?

You can change your password yourself under your profile settings when logged into the bulletin board. If you have forgotten your password, click on the “I forgot my password” link on the login page.

As to changing your username, we try to discourage people from changing it as it makes it confusing as to who is online and whom members on the list are posting with. If you have a strong reason to make the change, please contact Karen

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I would like to donate to FAAAS, but can’t spare the money. Is there anything else that I can do?

We have set up a couple of options for generating funding other than donations:


Search engines make most of their money from companies that pay an advertising fee when users click on links during a search. GoodSearch has developed a patent-pending way to track and direct these search-generated proceeds to charities. In other words, a portion of advertiser dollars (and not your own!) earned as a result of your search, are now passed along to the organization you’ve chosen to support. Each individual search returns 1 cent to FAAAS. Over time and if enough people use the search engine, it has the potential to generate a fair amount of money.

1. Go to
2. Select FAAAS as the charitable organization.
3. Do any search through GoodSearch

Amazon Associates:

On the FAAAS website we have a section listing books that we recommend. The links to purchase the books go to If you make a purchase on by following one of the links, then Amazon will donate a portion of the sale to FAAAS: FAAAS Recommended Books

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I have sent several emails to FAAAS and no-one has every gotten back to me!

If a single message has not been replied to, it could simply be that it was lost in our mailboxes! At FAAAS, we receive sometimes hundreds of messages a day (including spam messages). Sorting through all of that on a daily basis can be quite a challenge and sometimes a few messages have been known to get lost. We apologize for that! Please know that we try to respond to every email as soon as possible.

However, if multiple messages have not been replied to, then there are two possibilities for you to investigate:

1. Your mail program is filtering out messages from FAAAS as spam.

Check the documentation that came along with your email program, or the website of the company that creates it for further information on how to keep FAAAS emails from being flagged as spam.

2. Your internet service provider is tagging our messages as spam so that they never get to your email program. (AOL is notorious for this)

The best way to check to see if this is the case is for you to send us a message using an alternate email address, preferrably with another ISP. Go to Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail and set up a free email account with one of them.

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